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Client testimonials
“I came away so much more confident after Tracey helped guide me through a full body massage. She is an amazing teacher and massage therapist. Having the one to one really helped me to link my theory lessons to the hands on massage. I highly recommend her to anyone from up north who is worried about travelling all the way to Devon to do the 1 day practical. The course has taken me almost 3 years to complete and having Tracey to help me really encouraged me at the end. She took me through it step by step making sure I understood every muscle and massage stroke before moving onto the next part of the massage . I left her that day feeling on top of the world and very pleased that I have finally taken the plunge and completed the practical part of the course, which I was dreading. She is an absolute credit to BSY Thank you everyone for all your help through my course .“

“Amazing massage today, hot stones and sports for neck which I can now move pain free for first time in years. Tracey, you are a miracle worker! X“

“Absolutely by far the best deep tissue sports massage ive had.would highly recommend.excellent value for money too will be booking again soon!“

“After suffering from whiplash injuries, I contacted Tracey to help me get my life back. She found the right way of working with my body and I am now able to work a full day without pain and headache every night. She really cares about her clients and that makes all the difference! Amazing lady!”
Lilly (Proffesional office worker)

“I suffered with migraines constantly….not anymore, it’s truly amazing, something I did not believe could happen”
Julie (Finance Assistant)

“At last! 1st pain free night for as long as I can remember, I was in agony until I visited Aches Away, but now I’m free of pain!”
Paul (Manager)

“My last therapist re-located and I never thought I’d find anyone as good…I was wrong, Tracey is excellent, I’ve recommended her to loads of people”
Mairaid (Retired)

“I needed help with back pain I’d had for years and Tracey was recommended, I was sceptical and didn’t believe she could help but she did, now I hardly suffer at all”
James (Police Officer)

“I contacted Aches Away complaining of lower back pain, she found knots I never knew I had, my health and wellbeing has drastically improved, I can dance and play golf now without worrying that my body will give up on me, absolutely fantastic”
Joan (Retired)

“So glad I saw Tracey, the terrible pain I was experiencing in my knees has gone, my wife sees her too, she’s a nurse and suffered with extreme back pain, thank god we found her”
David (HGV Driver)

“The Hot Stone Massage that I had with Tracey was the best massage I have ever had, I was totally relaxed and at peace, it truly was wonderful”
Doreen (Director)

“I see Tracey once a month to keep the dull achy throbbing pain away, my knees and back are so much better now”
Graham (Retired)

“Tracey is a perfectionist and really cares, she uses her elbows to really get into the muscle, you know you’ve had a massage when you’ve seen her and it works, I feel great! Highly recommended”
Jack (Security)

“I was told to carry on taking paracetamol to ease my back pain, after seeing Tracey, I don’t take the tablets anymore because I have no pain!”
Marie (Solicitor)


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client testimonials

“I suffered with migraines constantly….not anymore, it’s truly amazing, something I did not believe could happen”
Julie (Finance Assistant) Doncaster
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